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Practical and gorgeous, the Cycle Tracking bracelet was created to be a gentle reminder of the phases of the cycle and where you are in your cycle. The bracelet is comprised of four gemstones to symbolize each phase of your cycle, complete with either gold filled beads or sterling silver beads.


You can use a charm to mark where in each cycle you are at. Simply use the charm affixed to a clasp to remove it from a certain spot in your bracelet and affix to a new spot. It's that easy ;)  Please note charms only come in gold.


Gemstone Bead details:

  • Dark red beads are Garnets which symbolize the Menstruation phase, which can typically last ~5 days.
  • Green beads are Emeralds which symbolizes the Follicular phase, which can typically last ~10 days.
  • Light pink beads are Pink Tourmaline which symbolizes the Ovulatory phase, which can typically last ~4 days.
  • Black beads are Onyx which symbolizes the Luteal phase, which can typically last ~14 days.

The number of beads correlate to roughly how long each phase lasts. If you aren’t sure of how long each of your phases are, you can order this original bracelet.

You also have the option of specifying in the custom text field how long you’d like each phase to be in your bracelet. For example, if you know you consistently bleed for 3 days instead of 5, please put: menstrual phase- 3 days.


If you have questions, please message me at

Cycle tracking bracelet with charm



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