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Welcome, it's nice to have you in my cozy little corner of the internet. I'm Jess - a passionate student of the world, a mindset and leadership coach, a leader of learning and inclusion at a badass biotech in boston, a jewelry creator, a writer, an experience architect, an amplifier, a fierce self-love advocate. 

Since moving to Boston in 2019, I've been on a journey of DISCOVERY. Discovery of self, of others, of the psychology that makes us who we are - and I've learned a few things: 

- that the more I understood, loved, developed and advocated for myself, the sweeter life tasted. Relationships were deeper, opportunities to grow were more expansive - and the more that I filled my cup, the more I was able to pour into the world around me. 

- that creating meaningful experiences can change LIVES

- that there is no small interaction and just one person CAN make a difference

- that it is imperative to advocate and provide opportunities for others who do not have them

- that you should follow the pastimes that fill your soul and leave you electrified


Now, I'm on a lifelong expedition of filling my cup and that of others. & this is me, trying to make that happen. 

Thank you for being here, xoxo.


I'm always looking for new & exciting opportunities and to expand my community. I'd love to hear from you! 

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