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I remember being 12 years old sitting with my best friend, Rachael, in her attic. Natural light filled the space while we giggled and strung glass beads on cords for hours. Fast forward to year 27, when I picked up a bracelet another great friend had made me in college. I held it in my hands and observed the beautiful wooden and glass beads with a Buddha head on it. I felt so inspired to create and felt so connected- something I had not felt in a really long time. I made my first bracelet in 15 years and it was a ravishing Morganite & Amethyst creation with a pave Evil Eye for protection. 

After about 30 bracelets later, I realized that my new hobby had turned into a passion and I started to believe in something bigger than myself. It was more than just stringing beads together for looks – it was intentionally placing gemstones together to elicit the healing properties of these natural and powerful stones. It was about creating tools to change my mindset and expand my horizons. They were means for healing, and helped me embark on one of the most impactful journeys I have ever been on. 

The journey to fill my soul and live my truth. 


I create these adornments with the conviction that they will bring so much to your life, if you are open to it. Wherever you are in your journey we call ‘life’, there is always something more to be discovered and these gems will help you get there. 

In one of the most impactful books of this generation, The Alchemist, Author Paul Coelho writes, “To Realize One’s Destiny Is a Person’s Only Obligation”. To me, that is what it means to live your truth. I create these pieces with the belief that they will help you find your way. The same way they helped me. 

Peace, Love, and Aligned & Intentional living Jessica 



Our pieces are designed to be worn and loved through all of life's stages. They are strung on a high-tech polymer string that does not crack or become hard over time, so you can rest knowing that your piece is designed to last. Since we design our collection with the intent of harnessing the power of Earth's creations, we only use genuine metals, semi-precious stones, and gemstones (unless otherwise noted). 


We source our materials from sustainable suppliers in the industry to ensure that we produce the best collection on the market. As a loyal Jessica Vincetic Jewelry enthusiast, you know that you are adorned with authentic and powerful pieces. 


I'm always looking for new & exciting opportunities and to expand my community. I'd love to hear from you! 

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