Hello & Welcome :)

Hello/Hola/Bonjour/Nǐn hǎo/Guten Tag/Konnichiwa/Hi :)

Thank you for taking a few minutes to spend with me in my world of creation. If you haven't been here yet, welcome! I'm Jessica, the owner and designer behind Jessica Vincetic Jewelry. I am an E(xtraversion), N(Intuition), F(eeling) J(udgment), a Scorpio, a true lover of people and the world, and have a passion for helping others find their way. If I could eat dessert for every meal, I would and I love a good cup of coffee or a legit matcha latte. I believe and live my life by the idea of minimalism - I won't surround myself with things/people/etc. that don't bring me joy. This practice was truly tested when I moved from a 1,400 square foot house in Goodyear, AZ. (that my partner and I flipped, another passion of mine) to a 480 square foot studio in Boston, Mass. I also freaking love learning and change - hence the move across the country to a city where I had no network in. The sun fuels me and there isn't a day that I go without some sort of physical activity, because my body is one of two homes I have in this life (the other is EARTH <3) and I am committed to honoring that temple (even though I do love a few glasses of Prosecco/tequila :) )

I started this brand when I needed some direction in my life. Among other things, I wasn't happy with my priorities. I had made work my number one priority and spent many hours climbing the corporate ladder. While I found a lot of success, it came at the cost of losing touch with myself and what truly sparked joy in my life. One day, I remember just looking at a bracelet on my wrist that one of my best friends had made for me in college. It had rich sandalwood and light catching glass beads paired with an all knowing buddha head- very simple and beautiful. After that moment, that bracelet became a totem for me that I wore daily and looked to it when I needed to feel at peace. That piece was so powerful for me, that I wanted to create my own and spent hours picking out the perfect gemstones and crystals to combine together for a totem that I could wear to symbolize my new chapter. This bracelet had the colors of a cotton candy sky infused into the juicy morganite and amethyst beads and a beautiful shining evil eye made of pave crystals. I received a lot of compliments on her, and as I made more to stack with it, more and more requests came from people who wanted their own. I realized quickly that this sweet little joyful hobby of mine could be elevated into something that provided that same feeling of direction and confidence for others.

Since then, I have created countless pieces for people all over the country, hosted workshops to teach others how to make their own bracelets as well as benefits of the gemstones, been featured in philanthropic events/large arts markets/boutique shops/and more. It's been an exciting year and I'm constantly reminded of the beauty of sharing the things that make your soul sing. I truly do believe that makes the world a better place.

I hope to use this platform as a way to engage and share with folks all of the creative swirls in my head. Whether that be sharing my top used (aka favorite) gemstones and their meanings, sharing how to write intentions, showcasing how I keep myself organized to be successful at (or TRYING to be!! let's be real haha) my full time job and this beautiful business + life + friends + exploring + traveling + everything... To me, you aren't just purchasing a piece of jewelry from me (although if that's all ya want, I'm totally fine with that and won't bother you), you are purchasing education and experience. You are purchasing an investment in a brand that will provide you quality pieces for everyday life but also quality content and community. Thanks for reading, see ya in a few weeks.

xoxo - Jessica