Wear this beauty to reap the benefits of the calming, peace-bringing Amazonite and the healing turqouise beads. 

Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone that calms the brain and the nervous system. This stone will also alleviate worry and fear while dispelling negative energy and aggrevation. 

Amazonite also has a powerful filtering action, and filters the information passing through the brain and combines with intuition. 

In the physical body, Amazonite is beneficial to osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, and relieves muscle spasms. The stone also protects against electromagnetic smog. 


Turquoise is known to be the most sufficient healing stone that provides comfort for the soul and well-being for the body. This stone is a purification stone- it dispells negative energy and provides protection against pollutants in the environment. Turquoise promotes self- realization, calms the nerves when speaking in public, and instills inner calm. In the physical body, turquoise is an excellent stone for exhaustion and depression. It also supports the assimilation of nutrients in the body as well as acts as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent that alleviates cramps and pains. 

Amazonite and Turquoise Peace Bracelet

    • Amazonite with Turquoise accent bead
    • Stretch bracelet measures 7", sized to fit most wrists
    • Hand-made in Phoenix, Arizona
    • Linen jewelry pouch with corresponding stone card included