Sterling silver beads grace the space next to this powerful claim: PRO- VASECTOMY. Reasoning for this claim: why has there only been regulation on womens reproductive rights and health? Where’s the concern on regulation mens reproductive health?

Accented with sparkling green Swarovski crystals to commemorate the abortion rights movement, this is a statement piece that can be worn everyday.

100% of the proceeds of this piece will be donated to Womens Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP). This organization helps bridge the financial gap between women seeking abortion and or emergency contraceptives.

Note from the maker:

I am a woman. I thoroughly believe women need to have autonomy over their body- PERIOD.

The overturn of ROE V. WADE is an abomination that strips women of their equality, healthcare, and trust to know what is best for themselves. Stand with me in opposition of this overturn by donating to vetted causes, contributing your time as a volunteer, and finding solidarity in your community. If you are struggling, let’s find solidarity together- please reach out to me 🤍.

Pro-Vasectomy Bracelet