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We love this simple yet stunning piece alone or stacked high with other statement bracelets.

Made of gold electroplated hematite beads, this piece will gradually look more molten and have a metallic sheen over time.

Hematite is a powerful Earthy stone made mostly of iron. Due to its composition, Hematite is known to be a grounding stone that is perfect for those that need to be rid of distraction, lack of focus, or anxiety.

Cleopatra Bracelet - Gold

  • Hand-made in Boston, Massachusetts

    Linen jewelry pouch included

    Care: Gently rub the surface of your plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth to remove

    dust and restore shine. If your jewelry needs more cleaning, you can use warm, soapy water.

    To ensure longest life, remove before activities like showering, perfuming, and lotioning.


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